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I’m Ethaniel Rubio. But you can call me Ethan. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA with my three dogs and two cats. I started my journey as a software engineer by building computers with my father in middle school, which eventually lead me to become fascinated with creating things from scratch. I later started hacking together Hackintoshs to challenge myself putting the Mac OS on PC hardware.

As I leveled my skills in bash, I started tinkering around with basic web development when I was working at two tech startups, Morphlabs and Inspire. There I grew close with our software engineers writing SQL queries to mine data and building landing pages in HTML/CSS. Their passion and zeal greatly inspired me to shift my data-driven marketing career into one of building.

Thanks to my time immersing myself in software development at Hack Reactor, I now build JavaScript apps comfortably. Nowadays, I spend my time refining my TypeScript skills as well as learning Haskell and Rust.

My particular interest lies in the human side of software development. As much as computers embody powerful machines, they are only as good as the people who use them. I try to learn as much as I can from the people who write code to uncover as much insight into the art of software development.

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Posted April 09, 2016

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